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Mydethun Moon Lamp


The amazing moon.

It has always been exciting to look at the moon at night. We tell tales late into the night because of its a full moon. Mydethun storefront made a very great decision when they decided to sell the Moon Lamp on Amazon.

The Mydethun Moon Lamp is a unique, fun, and creative product that creates pleasant memories for you and your loved ones.

The 3.5In Moon Light with Ceramic Hand Base is the cheapest and smallest in its class. The 7.1In Moon Light with Wood Base has the highest price.

How was the moon lamp made?

The Mydethun Moon Lamp is made by a 3D printer with eco-friendly materials(PLA).

1. Found the 2D clearest topographic map of the moon.

2. Build the moon with a 3D modeling program based on the 2D map

3. Printed the moon shell with a 3D printer

4. Assembling with LED module

The colors can be changed by touch(white and yellow) and its brightness is also adjusted using the same mechanism. Long pressing will enable the dim function.

Once you charge the battery for two to three hours, you can use the moon lamp light for up to ten hours.

The mini touch switch is separated from the charging port, this makes it easy for touch control. The diameter of the hole for assembling is only 2cm maximum. This helps retain the moon’s shape.

Final Verdict

The Mydethun Moon lamp is more amazing than it even looks online.

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