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Holy Stone GPS FPV RC Drone HS100


Learning to fly a drone has been the most difficult part of owning a drone. So many people become drone enthusiasts before they even learn to fly one.

Once you purchase a drone, you would need some training to kick-off your drone piloting career, and starting with a professional drone is not really a good idea. What is the way to go? You may ask.

Firstly you need to decide the goals you want to achieve before you invest your money.

For starters, we selected a drone that would meet basic, expected requirements.

We will be reviewing the Holy Stone HS100 with a view to entry level requirements into the drone space.

The price of the HS100 is affordable. It shares the same functionalities and features of drones that fall within the $200-$300 price range.

It is equipped with an intelligent battery that can last up to 16 minutes depending on the environmental conditions.

The Holy Stone HS100 camera is the latest 1080P wide-angle camera as at the time of this writing. It has a 120o wide shooting angle and a 90o adjustable angle makes it capable of seeing different views by different angles. The photos taken during the flight are more stable and clear.

Connecting the Holy Stone HS100 to a smartphone via Wi-Fi will allow the drone to transmit high definition pictures to your screen in real time, as long as you have not exceeded the 150 meters Wi-Fi distance. The normal control distance range for the HS100 is 500 meters.

The Holy Stone HS100 can also be connected with 3D Virtual Reality glasses.

Holy Stone HS100 moves in tune with the controls; it has an agile movement and performs very well.

It takes only two minutes to unpack the Holy Stone HS100 drone from the box. Just prop in the propellers and you are ready to fly in 2 minutes.

The weight of the HS100 drone is 700g, including the battery. This means that the drone is bulky and powerful enough to withstand winds without issues.

You can keep the drone in one position on air with the push of the altitude hold button.

The speed is adjustable and it has built into it a barometer, gyroscopes, headless mode, one-key take off/land and many more features that make flying fun.

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